You’re never too young to live for Jesus!

Are you excited to see your kids discover Jesus at a young age and learn about their great destinies in God? Our Children’s Ministry provides a fun, family environment where your children can make friends, learn about the word of God and encounter Jesus. If you’re interested in being a part of the children’s ministry, please fill out the application here.


Welcome to The Bridge. We are a generation passionately pursuing meaning and connection. We are READY. You’re invited to be a part of something more than a service. You’re invited to be a part of a movement.

Pre-Service Prayer begins at 6:30PM
Service begins at 7PM

Pastoral Care

Our hope is anchored in Him, not an event or an outcome, but in the nature of who He is. We are seeking to connect people to this reality, a hope that cannot be shaken. Our Pastoral Care includes various kinds of counseling, Sozo ministry, and a variety of groups we partner with to help you find hope and healing through relationship with other believers.