In this season of giving thanks, it is nice to have a fresh look on the familiar.  I like the way that Dr. Brian Simmons, the lead translator of The Passion Translation, offers us new insight on the Beatitudes in Matthew’s gospel.

 “What wealth is offered to you when you feel your spiritual poverty! For there is no charge to enter the realm of heaven’s kingdom.” Matthew 5:3 TpT

Other translations say “poor in spirit,” or “humble in spirit.” If you’ve experienced poverty in your life, you know how humbling those circumstances can be. But here, Jesus is speaking about humility, not poverty. Humility is the doorway to heaven’s kingdom.


   Humility is the door to more, not less.


We can often mistake humility as thinking of ourselves in unfavorable ways, or rehearsing our failures. However, real humility comes from seeing ourselves in the light of all that God is. A true encounter with the greatness of God is awe-inspiring. It puts us in perspective to Him. That is humbling. This is the source of true humility; not only seeing ourselves in perspective to God, but knowing how fully loved are we by God. Such a perspective removes dependence upon ourselves. We are ‘blessed’ when we enter communion with the One who holds everything in His open hand, extending that hand toward us.

Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.” Isaiah 55:1 NASB

The riches of heaven are beyond price, but they are offered freely to the one willing to pay the price of humility and come. The things that we need the most, money cannot buy; love, acceptance, value for who we are. This is the wealth available to us, the riches of wisdom in Christ.

When we connect thankfulness with humility it can open up the heavens for us. Thankfulness wells up from our heart. It starts when we recognize where God has moved on our behalf. Typically we are thankful for the things that we can already see. As we mature in our relationship with God, we can thank Him because of who He is, trusting Him for how He will work on our behalf. We can be thankful regardless of our circumstances. Our thankfulness flows purely from our relationship with Him.

This is true wealth. Humility opening up for us the wealth of the kingdom realm. The wealth of heaven is loving communion with our living God, Jesus Christ. This is prosperity that no money can buy.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” 3 John 1:2 NKJV