Vulnerability & Shame: Connect With God to Find Your Strength

We long for and desire true human connection.  Our culture talks about being “real” but it’s hard to find people who are truly “real.” Most of what we experience in the media is more raw than real. True connection comes from vulnerability, and there is no greater release from shame than to connect with God.

We don’t see vulnerability as God does; a characteristic of authenticity and an expression of strength. We more often see it as weakness, the first step to being victimized. Because of this poor understanding, our need for self-protection has become greater than the desire for connection. No wonder we feel disconnected from the lives of the people around us.

When we don’t like who we are, aware of the shameful things we’ve done in secret, we find it difficult to connect with God and others. To be vulnerable is unthinkable; we have no desire to really see what is hiding within our heart, let alone experience its darkness in the presence of other people. Most of us live cut off from our true heart and resist the self-revelation that vulnerability brings.

We’ve become isolated within our own soul, unwilling to risk. In our shame-covered state, we develop defensive patterns and substitute addictions or physical pleasures, that inhibit our ability to share the joyful experience of being truly vulnerable with another – even with God. 

From such a self-protected soul, we exchange living faith for skepticism, disguised as “mature perspective.” Our faith in God becomes a measured and cautious choice rather than a dynamic force for deep transformation and an overflowing joy.

Hope: Overflowing Joy Comes From Faith In Jesus

How to use vulnerability to connect with God and find strength

The journey to relinquish shame and embrace the strength of vulnerability begins with faith in something better – Jesus. Not just a hope that things will get better, but the substantive assurance that He is better. No one gives up what is comfortable and familiar for what they do not know or believe is attainable. In relinquishing shame and coming into a connected life we experience the love that surpasses our comprehension. 

Jesus’ sacrifice for us is a journey into vulnerability. There is no one better qualified to embrace us than the one whose flesh was torn for our sins. No one more able to understand our hesitations, guilt, shame and disconnection that He does. 

It is time to nail shame to the cross – nail it into the hand of the one God-man that can truly put it to death and give us a transformed life in exchange, a life overflowing with joy.

Prayer: How to Talk to God to Move Past Shame

How to use vulnerability to connect with God and find strength

Pray this –

Jesus, reveal to me the places I feel exposed, weak, and cut-off from my heart.”

As Jesus shows these to you, pray this for each thing; “Jesus, I place this in your hand. Forgive me as I also forgive those who hurt me.”

“Thank you, Lord, for connecting my heart with your own, for restoring vulnerability in me, for strengthening me to love others well. I thank you, that no one who looks to you will ever be put to shame. Amen”

As an act of faith, share with a trusted friend your prayer and how you felt Jesus responded to you today.

A portion of this is taken from MORE GLORY! God’s healing voice for shame and self-hatred (available through Amazon)