Ché Ahn and Sue Roxas get marrried.


Ché receives a dream to come to LA for a great harvest and revival.


April: The Ahns move to LA, believing for the harvest.


Ché and Sue plant Abundant Life Church & Ché enrolls at Fuller Seminary.


March: Prayer meetings begin in Ché & Sue’s home. Around 30 people show up the first night. By the third week, their house is packed with more than 72 people coming to pray. The following week they rent a friend’s church building, and more than 300 people appear! Harvest Rock Church officially launches the week after on April 4, 1994.


January: Renewal meetings start with John Arnott at Mott Auditorium. 2,000 people show up.

April: Harvest Rock Church moves to Mott Auditorium. Continuing to host protracted meetings five nights per week. Nightly meetings continue until 1998! By the close of the year, HRC merges with three other congregations with distinct backgrounds, demonstrating unity in revival.


June: Lou Engle starts a 24/7 house of prayer at Mott Auditorium

October: Harvest International Ministry (HIM) is birthed – HRC joins with 14 other churches to form this apostolic network centered on the goal of working together to plant churches around the world.


September: On September 2nd, TheCall is birthed with the inaugural event on The Mall in Washington D.C. Over 400,000 people gather to fast and pray.


June: On Father’s Day, Harvest Rock moves to Ambassador Auditorium.


April: Revival Alliance is formed. Based on a prophetic word, this kingdom network emerges, connecting six anointed couples: Bill & Beni Johnson, John & Carol Arnott, Randy & Deanne Clark, Rolland & Heidi Baker, Georgian & Winnie Banov and Ché & Sue Ahn.


January: Harvest Rock Church changes its name to Harvest Rock Church.

June: Dr. Peter Wagner hands the International Chancellorship of WLI to Ché Ahn.


September: Harvest Rock Church launches its School of Supernatural Ministry (Harvest Rock SSM).


Pastors Gabe & Monica Ahn become the new senior leaders of Harvest Rock Church.


The Call: Azusa Now Harvest Rock Church participated in The Call: Azusa Now in honor of the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Revival at the Coliseum in Los Angeles.


California Dreamin launches a church planting movement.


Pastors Ché & Sue Ahn resume senior pastorship of Harvest Rock Church.