“And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what had been spoken to her by the Lord.” – Luke 1:45

Zechariah and Elizabeth were like their nation, Israel. They had lived so long in disappointment that they had nearly forgotten their dream. But they had not forgotten how to give their lives to the One that mattered. They persisted in a committed life. Their priestly devotion was fertile ground. God was ready to reap a harvest, but He needed ripe soil, ready soil. He found that readiness in Zechariah and Elizabeth.

Let’s be honest; sometimes we’d like God to come along and explain to us what He’s up to. God waited until the right time, which was a loooong time, until He moved. He waited for a divine moment of impossibility to move. In the midst of dreams lost, and disappointment, He came. His Word is always fruitful in its season.

Elizabeth had spent many years feeling ashamed, not having borne any children to Zechariah. In her day it was shameful to be barren, and some even considered it to be a curse from sinfulness. But, Luke’s gospel makes it clear that this was not the case for Elizabeth and Zechariah. God chose two people from the tribe of Levi, two priestly people, who were devout, and as the Scripture tells us, righteous before the Lord. That means that they were careful to observe all God’s commands and to live in a way that demonstrated a loving devotion to Him.

While they loved the Lord, they were carrying a deep disappointment, a dream unfulfilled. God knew more than they did, how it felt to see your dreams dissolve into disappointment. God’s long history with humanity is a collage of dreams lost and disappointments realized. Yet, God’s persistent and consistent love never fails to bring new life. This is the hope we cling to. This was the flame God was about to ignite in Zechariah and Elizabeth.

Sometimes our disappointments loom large. While we may not see all that we wanted of our life, God sees more from our life than we can imagine. He wants ready soil, unspoiled ground, ones that insist on the reality of God in the midst of the disappointments. He can do more in us than we can imagine (Ephesians 3:17). God dreams beyond our present into His presence. What came from Zechariah and Elizabeth was not something they could have planned for. It was a dream only God could have. He just needed someone willing to cooperate with Him, “faithful ground.”

The fight of faithfulness brings forth promises for a future generation. There are not many that have that kind of enduring faith and trust in God. The God of the impossible does great things if we would willingly yield to His greatness. Let me encourage you to get back up and follow Jesus, no matter where you paused along the path. He is worth it.