Ask of Me, and I will give You
The nations for Your inheritance,
And the ends of the earth for Your possession. -Psalm 2:8

Each year, HIM (Harvest International Ministry) hosts our annual  Global Summit Conference. The Global Summit is a conference specifically focused on how we, as believers and leaders, can bring reformation and healing to the nations. Many of the guest speakers are dear friends in ministry whom I have known for decades and have been a part of our apostolic network, HIM. This year, one such friend who will be speaking at the conference is Lou Engle.

There are few people who have partnered with me in ministry as long as Lou Engle. When I first met Lou, we were both living in Maryland and I was his Young Adults pastor at Covenant Life Church in Maryland. When Sue and I were going to move to Pasadena to plant what became Harvest Rock Church, we asked Lou and his wife, Therese, to join us as a part of our leadership team.

It’s a testimony to the importance of covenant relationships that more than thirty years later we are still laboring in the harvest together to see great revival. That is the theme and focus on this year’s Global Summit — revival and reformation that will impact the world with the power of the Gospel. In fact, Lou was one of many inspiring and powerful revivalists and leaders who wrote an article in the Revival Magazine, an original publication by Harvest Rock Church about how we can participate in the coming of the greatest harvest we have ever seen, and here it is:

prayer and fasting ignite revival


Throughout history and confirmed by the scriptures, great prayer always precedes great power and evangelism.  At this pregnant moment, there are great streams of prayer converging into what we believe will lead into the greatest harvest in history. 110 years ago great fastings and prayers through men like William Seymour and Frank Bartleman erupted in the Azusa Street Revival and the tongue of fire exploded around the world.

70 years ago in 1946, through a book called “Atomic power through prayer and fasting”, a fire of fasting was ignited across the world and was immediately followed in 1947 with the breakout of the healing revivals. In 1948, the Latter Rain Movement erupted after three months of fasting and worldwide outpourings began.  In 1948, Bill Bright was caught up in visions of campus evangelism from which Campus Crusade was born. Then in 1949 Billy Graham exploded on the scene in Los Angeles and mass evangelism followed. In 1948 Israel became a nation. We believe that the initial 1946 fasting anointing was a global Joel 2 prayer movement that released a global outpouring of the Spirit and the restoration of the land of Israel.  We are 70 years from that movement and it’s time for a great thrust of fasting and prayer again.

20 years ago in 1996, my pastor, Ché Ahn and I were involved in a 40 day fasting movement that Bill Bright initiated, declaring that if 2 million believers went on 40 day fasts on water it would instigate the greatest revival leading to the greatest harvest beginning before the end of the year 2000. Hundreds of thousands went on that fast, and in fact revival did break out in those days, in Toronto, Pasadena, Brownsville, and around the world. But we haven’t seen that  great harvest yet, at least not in America.  Did Bill Bright’s fast fail?  No. It is my conviction that Bill Bright’s fast launched a global movement of day and night prayer that is preparatory to the greatest harvest in history. Consider this: At the end of 1999, Mike Bickle launched a 24/7 house of prayer that has been going on for 16 years. The 24/7 prayer movement in England broke forth with Pete Greig and Dick Eastman began to build the Jericho Center with prayer touching the world. The following year, the Global Day of Prayer began to fill stadiums across the world.  Then at the end of the year 2000, 400,000 people gathered in DC to fast and pray, and that birthed The Call. We believe Bill Bright’s fast launched possibly the greatest end-time prayer movement to bring forth the greatest end-time harvest.

Malachi 1:11 says, “From dawn until dusk my name is praised by every nation on this earth, as they burn incense and offer the proper sacrifices to me. Incense is the picture of worship and prayer. We firmly believe that day and night prayer on earth, as it is in heaven, will be filling the whole globe creating an atmosphere that will ripen the harvest.  In Revelation 8, we see heaven falling silent for half an hour waiting for incense to be placed upon the golden altar.  The last piece of furniture before going into the Holy of Holies was the golden altar of incense. It is our conviction that all across the world the Church is in the hour of the golden altar of incense, and when that incense accumulates and fills the bowls in Heaven, God is going to release the Holy of Holies across the earth and the mass harvest will begin to take place. The prayer movement is not a fad.  It has been and always will be the God-ordained means by which He creates the spiritual atmosphere conducive for the ripening of the great harvest of souls. Therefore it’s time to fast, it’s time for day and night prayer, it’s time for united massive prayer. I can hear the sound of rain.


Originally published in Revival Magazine, Compiled & Edited by Harvest Rock Creative Team