Now, God has offered to us the same promise of entering into his realm of resting in confident faith. So we must be extremely careful to ensure that we all embrace the fullness of that promise and not fail to experience it.

-Hebrews 4:1, The Passion Translation

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling a little weary lately. Any promise of rest sounds good – move over, I’m bringing my pillow for a nap! However, when God promises rest, He doesn’t really have a nap in mind. The rest of the spirit is different than the rest of the body.

When the author of the letter to the Hebrews encourages them to enter into the rest of God, He is really talking about having faith. Now, don’t give up here – faith is not mustering up enough energy to wish for something God promised. It is actually a posture of trust – a trust so genuine that we rest.

Have you ever had that moment when your back is turned and your child says loudly behind you, “Daddy! Daddy! Catch me!” and the moment you turn, there is your small child already mid-flight leaping for your arms? A child who knows they are loved, knows their belonging, trusts in their father. It does not even cross their mind that father can fail them. This is the same kind of trust that we exhibit when we are resting in God. If we in our weakness know how to respond (as parents) to that kind of loving, life-filled trust, how much more does our Heavenly Father know how to respond to us, as His children?

Rest is trusting in His ability. Let’s be honest, we’ve all struggled with trust. We have stories to tell about the walls that we’ve built from the hurt and disappointment we’ve experienced. Our self-reliance feels safer. We trust our own ability more than we trust God’s ability to come through for us. Admitting our problem with trusting God as a good, good Father is a good place to start to enter His rest.

Entering into rest in God begins with building that relationship bridge with Him as a good Father. If you are feeling weary in your soul, spend some time this week asking God to come and help you know Him as a good Father. Learning to trust in Him as a good Father is the doorway to rest. Knowing His genuine love for us removes fear about the things that are happening all around us. We can rest knowing that He is more than able to care for us.