God is all about timing.

From the moment He set our solar system into action until this very day, God has ordained times and seasons in life. Some of these seasons are expressed in the rhythms of nature (Gen. 1:14-15), while others are directly linked to prophetic destiny.

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon talks about these different seasons:

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest.” – Eccl. 3:1-2

The word for season is the Hebrew word zeman, meaning “an appointed time or occasion.” Prophetically I sense that we are now entering into a historic season, characterized by three distinct prophetic timeframes.

Let me share with you one of these three seasons I believe we are entering into.



This weekend at Harvest Rock Church was historical. I will never forget this “Legacy Weekend,” first of all because Sunday, Jan. 17, marked a significant milestone in my life—my 60th birthday!

I feel so honored that my family and relatives could come from different parts of the country, joining our church family in an evening of celebration. Some of our International Apostolic Team members also flew in and attended the festivities.

Sunday was unforgettable for another reason: It was the day I will always remember handing the church that my wife and I birthed and the church that we love so much to our children Gabriel and Monica Ahn.

Taking part in Harvest Rock’s first major transition of this nature, Gabe and Monica are now the Senior Pastors co-leading Harvest Rock Church, ultimately overseeing all the ministries and the pastoral care of the church. Pastor Sue and I will continue to be the spiritual parents overseeing our Harvest Apostolic Center. I will also still be preaching as I share the primary load with Pastor Gabriel.

I know Pastors Gabe and Monica are going to go far beyond anything Sue and I have ever seen in this new season in the Lord!

To top off our weekend of celebration, today our Prophetic Destiny Conference is in full swing. We have phenomenal speakers including Shawn Bolz, James Goll and Brian Simmons, but also Jerame and Miranda Nelson, Gabe and Monica Ahn, and Mark and Ann Tubbs will be doing a special panel discussion this afternoon.

more Celebrations in store

As another facet of this season of celebration, this year’s Revival Alliance Conference (March 30-April 3) marks the 10th Anniversary of Revival Alliance. RA first started in 2005 with a prophetic word that Bob Jones gave to Heidi Baker, specifically naming the leaders of this group who would then form a network committed to global harvest and revival.

This year’s conference comes on the heels of the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival. With TheCall Azusa scheduled for April 9, I feel this season carries much prophetic significance. (More on that next week!)

A few months later, Harvest International Ministry‘s 20th anniversary will be yet another cause of celebration. On August 3-7 we’ll be hosting a Global Summit celebrating all the work that God has done throughout the years in 60-plus nations all over the world.


Stay on the lookout for my blog next week, as I’ll be touching on more of this Historic Season!


With Love,